About Ozeneu

Welcome. I am Otis Zeneu and I am a Realtor from the USA. I like to think that I am a master of my craft and alongside my real estate career I also flip houses and lease them to tenants because although I love selling houses I also wished I could design a house myself to sell and now I do!

I live with my husband and two dogs and we often end up flipping the houses together. He’s an architect so he is very good at renovating a house and finding the right vision for each property. 

Together we have flipped about 10 properties over the past 4 years and we hope to increase that number as we move forward!

This blog is a little guide on how you could also do all of these things. I have broken it down into different categories; buying and selling your home, how to be a landlord, and general renovation tips so you can be equipped with all the tools you need in order to flip houses on your own. 

I have been a realtor since I left high school and now being close to 40 I have a lot of knowledge that I would like to share. I have seen so many unfortunate circumstances where people selling their property have reached certain hiccups from an unsuitable realtor’s advice and then had to come to me to fix this issue. Therefore, I hope my blog helps to cut this first stage out and allows you to make the best decisions in regard to you and your property. 

I also hope that you gain some inspiration whether you are planning on redoing your own home or flipping houses like me and my husband. So enjoy my blog and get creative!